I Purchased Whiteboard CRM, What Now?

Here at Whiteboard CRM, we know there’s no telling which stage of the CRM-buying process you’ll be in when you find this post. However, it’s likely that no matter which one it is, you want to know what your next steps are after you complete the purchase of a Whiteboard CRM subscription.  

So, let’s pretend you spent the time with one of our sales reps enjoying the demo, you talked it over with your team, and decided Whiteboard CRM was the right mortgage-based option for you. We’re stoked you chose us.  

Now what? What happens next? Don’t worry! Thats what we are here to share. Follow along as we walk through each step of the process from purchase to success.  

Completing the intake form 

As soon as you tell your sales rep that you are ready to buy, they will send an email to you which includes two links. The first link connects you to a secure payment portal where you will complete your transaction, and the second link is to our customer intake form 

The intake form is the key to getting started with Whiteboard. The is where you will share all the information your implementation specialist needs to build your office and configure your online Whiteboard environment.  

  • Ensures your e-signature and other team assets are accurate 
  • Ensures any of your social media and review sites are linked correctly  
  • Ensures your 1003 is linked correctly 
  • Helps us make sure you teams and roles are set up correctly 

If you’re interested in a “Pro Tip we’re happy to share one with you! The faster the intake form is filled out with all you and your team’s information and returned to the Whiteboard team, the faster our implementation specialists will be able to get your digital space built and get you started working with your new CRM.  

Finishing your office setup 

As soon as your implementation specialist receives your completed intake form, they start setting up and configuring your office immediately. 

Once the office is readyyou will an email with credentials and a temporary password plus a link to your implementation specialist’s calendar. This lets you schedule your implementation call at a date and time that works for us and you. Once you lock in an appointment, you’ll get an email with the calendar invite and the proper link to a video chat meeting.  

During your first meeting, you and your implementation specialist will share screens and log in to your brand-new digital office space. They will check to make sure all the bits and bobs are correct and in the right spots – like your headshot, e-signatures, links to social platforms, etc.  

Additionally, during this first meeting you’ll discuss your lead sources and LOS integrations with your implementation specialistThese are important to your success and your implementation specialist knows that too. 

Another important thing you’ll discuss during your session with your implementation specialist is transferring and uploading your funded loan data. Some customers have piles of historical funded data while others have very little. Regardless, how quickly we’re able to get this data imported to your Whiteboard office is dependent on how it’s organized and how quickly you’re able to share it with your implementation specialist. 

Before ending your session, your implementation specialist will work with your schedule to get you on the calendar for your first coaching session with your customer success manager.  

Moving from implementation to coaching 

Whiteboard’s "Getting Started" Coaching typically takes 3-4 sessions where you will meet with a Customer Success Manager or CSM. First, they'll review your integrations, lead source connections, your e-signatures, and data migrations/imports. 

Once those tasks are handled and you begin to understand how to use your office, your CSM will dial-in Whiteboard for your business. By working with you to understand how you receive your leads, and how much/how often you want to communicate with leads, clients, and partners, you and your CSM will help you begin to really start using your CRM. During your coaching sessions, you'll learn how to: 

  • Create and edit client, partner, and mortgage records 
  • Create new tasks, delegate tasks to team members (if applicable), and manage the automated tasks created by the campaigns in The Mortgage Playbook™ 
  • Update the Loan Milestones and send timely Loan Updates to clients and partners 
  • Use the Texting feature to send and receive ad-hoc texts conversations with clients and partners (if applicable) 
  • Navigate the campaigns and personalize the content to your business’ specific needs 

While the number of coaching sessions you’ll need before graduation can vary based on how much information you upload and how much you want to customize things, rest assured your CSM will be there to help you every step of the way.  

Congrats! Once you graduate from Whiteboard CRM’s onboarding program you’ll be ready to strike out on your own and take full advantage of The Mortgage Playbook ™. Have a question or need some help? Our team of support and implementation specialists are just a click or phone call away. Welcome to the Whiteboard family.  

Have you found your mortgage-specific CRM? 

Thanks for following along with our onboarding process. If you haven’t yet had a demo and decided Whiteboard CRM is for you, you can schedule a demo right now and learn more.  

If you’re still curious about what Whiteboard CRM has to offer, go check out our blog for more posts from industry insiders, top producers, and our own specialists who are trying to help you understand more about both Whiteboard and the mortgage industry every day.  

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