Khai McBride: The Secret About Secret Sauce

The path from where a person starts to where they currently are is rarely a straight one. Imagine starting out in the world of technology before finding yourself in the mortgage industry, but then pivoting again to become a top-level coach. That seems like a lot, doesn't it?

Who is Khai McBride?  

That’s exactly what Khai McBride did. In a recent interview with Whiteboard CRM President Kevin Ducey, Khai explains that he’s always been a process person. 

As a project and program manager in the tech industry who handled multiple roles, he ran a team of developers who often worked on projects for mortgage professionals.  

The tech crash of 2001 led Khai to a new opportunity. He started a lending business under the tutelage of friends he’d met during his work in his previous role.  

“I got into this industry and unlike most people I had a mentor,” Khai said. “I was never that loan officer that had to figure everything out for himself and struggle to get two to three loans a month. I jumped into the industry and my first year I did 99 loans. By my third year I was doing more than 200 loans a year because I was given a process.”  

Khai’s mentor gave him a blueprint for success which he compared to learning how to open a fast-food franchise. In fact, he equated the learning process to learning how to run a Subway. Because of the processes and systems, he never felt like he didn’t know what he was doing.  

His ability to run the business was apparent when you see how fast he grew. In his second year Khai expanded his team for the first time by hiring an assistant. It wasn’t long before he was closing more than 200 units annually.  

The path to becoming a mortgage coach 

Khai’s background in technology and his understanding of processes helped him not only streamline his business and become successful in the mortgage industry, but it also provided the groundwork for his next major role.  

Unsurprisingly, Khai’s colleagues wanted to better understand how he was able to grow efficiently and he was asked to speak at meetings and workshops. He became known as “the guy” with all the knowledge about database systems, CRMs, and other ways to incorporate technology into the mortgage business.  

Once he spoke in his area of expertise, it wasn’t long before colleagues began asking him to coach them. It really started around 2006, but he only ever planned to coach part time. “Getting out” of loan origination wasn’t part of Khai’s game plan. He shared with Kevin that he had so much fun coaching that he just got caught up and his loan origination business just fell behind. 

Now, his team specializes in helping mortgage professionals grow and scale their business systems and their people. He works specifically with businesses who have hit their ceiling and Khai helps them bust through that ceiling and into their next role. 

There is no secret sauce,” Khai said. “It’s kind of like golf. I can give you all the tips in a video but that still doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at it. You have to practice. 

Two parts of a successful business  

During his interview with Whiteboard CRM, Khai explained that he believes that for everyone there are two keys to creating a successful business venture – an entrepreneurial mindset and an understanding of the concept of leverage.  

An entrepreneurial mindset  

Khai loves that his life isn’t always tied to his desk, but he knows his time off is a result of him creating his own business and automating much of it.  

To be free – you have to learn how to implement processes to allow for your freedom and get you out of the office,” Khai said.  

He gets to spend time off and he enjoys his life, but he said that he feels like a lot of people in the industry are tied to their desks and their phones all the time and just never get away from it. 

The concept of leverage 

According to Khai, there are three types of leverage in business – processes, technology, and people. When you leverage processes, it makes whatever you are doing faster. Technology can help you automate your tasks and completely remove them from your to-do list with only the smallest amount of oversight. Leveraging people is another way of removing items from "your plate” by delegating those tasks to other members of your team.  

You can save time using each of the types of leverage, but when you combine them you reduce the time spent on any one task.  

Are you working on things manually? Or do you have templates set up to streamline the process? Do you use Floify, Encompass, and Whiteboard, or other technology to simplify and accelerate your business? Do you have an assistant or another team member who helps?  

“Everything that you do, ask yourself three questions. Can I make it more efficient with a process, can I automate it with technology, or can I delegate it with a person. Or better yet," Khai said, "can I do all three?”

Choose your own path 

At Whiteboard CRM, we know that while each of your businesses is similar, they are also different in many ways. Our mission is to help you use the tools available to live your best day, every day.  

If you’re interested in learning more about what Khai has to say, you can reach out to him through his websiteFind more conversations with both producers and partners on the Whiteboard CRM blog or stop by and see us on social media to let us know what you think!  

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