Pricing: How Much Does Whiteboard CRM Cost?

You’re comparing Whiteboard CRM to other mortgage-specific CRMs out there, right? We know it can be tough to compare all of the available options. None of the different CRMs have the same features or use the same pricing matrix.  

Don’t worry, we’re here to help – at least with explaining how Whiteboard CRM is priced and why. When you choose to use our software, we want you to be confident in what you’re paying for and using each day.  

So, what does Whiteboard CRM cost?  

There are two pricing options to select from when you choose a Whiteboard CRM subscription. We’ll breakdown each one, and make sure there aren’t any hidden costs which could catch you off guard.  

You can choose between an annual and a monthly subscription, whichever works best for you and your team. When you choose an annual subscription, you get a lower rate, the equivalent of $79 per month (paid in a lump sum) and a $299 set up fee. The lower setup fee and cost for annual subscriptions are our way of thanking customers who commit to our service for full year. 

However, when you choose a monthly set-up, it costs $99 per month with a $399 set up fee. With a monthly subscription you aren’t committed to continuing to use Whiteboard long-term. 

Does texting cost extra?  

Team texting is an add-on feature to your Whiteboard CRM subscription, since not every customer who chooses to use Whiteboard CRM is interested in using our texting feature. If you pay for it as part of your subscription monthly it costs $49 per month. If you pay for it for an entire year, it costs the equivalent of $33 per month. It’s important to note you don’t need a texting subscription for each license holder on your team, your entire team will only need one.  

Why is there a set up fee?

At Whiteboard, setting your team up for success with your CRM software takes a significant investment of both time and resources from our implementation specialists and customer success coaches. In fact, we don't consider our work a success unless our customers are a success because we're such a relational company. 

With that said, our ability to provide customers with one-to-one coaching, custom digital office spaces, and data migration without requiring the obligation of a long-term contractual commitment results in the one-time set up fee. 

Are there other costs associated with Whiteboard CRM? 

From time to time there are situations where certain teams may need customized reports or other specific things and there could be professional fees associated with the development of those customizations, but those are discussed with customers on a case-by-case basis.  

What is included in a subscription?  

Each subscription starts with our implementation team creating a custom digital office space for your team online and includes data migration, one-on-one time with an implementation specialist and customer success coach who will help you learn how to use the software and implement the more than 100 email, phone, and text campaigns included in The Mortgage Playbook™, ongoing software development and more.  

How can I get a discount?  

As a B2B SaaS company (Business-to-Business Software-as-a-Service), we've worked hard to make our pricing as affordable as we can. Annual subscriptions are given a price break for committing to a long-term relationship, and there are some discounts available when you purchase six or more licenses.

We also have several partner organizations with a special pricing structure in place, such as Next Level Loan Officers, CMA, and NEXA. If you're affiliated with one of these organizations, or may be interested in becoming a partner yourself, please reach out to us so we can have a discussion.

How many licenses should I buy for my team?  

We’re happy to talk with you specifically about your team, but everyone on your team who needs access to your CRM system daily should have their own license. This allows you to delegate tasks to free up your time, other people to claim their own tasks, and each persona to have their own email and text signature.  

We’ve done our best to answer every question about pricing we could think of here at Whiteboard. Do you still have any? Stop by and drop it for us on our Facebook page or shoot us an email! We’re happy to answer any questions you may still have.  

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