Whiteboard Mortgage CRM Features

Whiteboard is one of the world's best mortgage CRMs. Why? Because it was built specifically for mortgage professionals by mortgage industry leaders. Whiteboard is a results-focused platform using proven methods that position your clients and partners - the lifeblood of your business - at the center of your day-to-day.



Whiteboard Mortgage CRM software helps grow your business and increases your profits by saving you time, increasing your efficiency and productivity, and managing your workflow. Whiteboard works for individual LO's and Brokers, whole teams, and Corporate-wide Enterprise environments.
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Lead Management

Your mortgage CRM should work as a 24/7 lead-nurturing machine

Whiteboard CRM uses powerful relationship management campaigns to keep your leads engaged and reminded to move forward with the loan process. Our tools give you the ability to pursue leads with speed and confidence.
Whiteboard_Mortgage_CRM_Features-Lead Management

How does Whiteboard help me manage my leads?
New leads and referrals are vital, but follow-up can be difficult. The challenge is following-up quickly and being able to hang in there and not give up on a lead.

If you constantly feel "squeezed" for time managing all your leads, no worries! Whiteboard is designed to make lead management simple and automatic. Your goal is our goal - get a conversation started, arrange an appointment, or get a completed 1003 submitted. Relax with the knowledge that Whiteboard automatically keeps leads engaged until they take that next step.

You'll never miss a new lead or a referral
When you receive a new lead from your website, you are proactively notified by email, in the app, and by text. New leads are exciting and we make sure you know you have one (or 10!).

Automated lead follow up
As soon as a lead is entered into Whiteboard, automated follow-up campaigns kick in. This means a personalized introduction email and text are sent inviting your new lead to take the next step—call you, make an appointment, or go online to fill out the 1003. If the lead is a referral, your referring partner is also notified that you've received the lead, are reaching out to follow-up, and you will keep them updated. All of these actions happen automatically.  You just got 30 minutes back in your day.

Call scripts help you delegate
Call prompts and scripts guide the customer experience. When you receive a new lead, a script is created with all the details needed for you or a team member to follow up. These scripts contain the lead's information, strong calls-to-action, verbiage for a voicemail if needed, and instructions for what information to update in Whiteboard after the call is made.

Pipeline Management

From Lead to Post-Funded, your Pipeline is the lifeblood of your business 

How you manage your Sales Pipeline is a huge determining factor of your success as a Loan Officer or Mortgage Broker.

Will Whiteboard CRM help me manage my Pipeline?
The short answer — absolutely. Your goal with a lead is to start a conversation, showcase your value, build trust, and get a completed loan application (1003) — while proactively updating the referral partner. Whiteboard continues to automatically educate the client of what's coming next and keeps them informed throughout the loan process. Whiteboard continues to deliver communications for the needs list and milestones to the client, the co-borrower, and the loan partners. 

Mortgage-specific pipeline sequences
Unlike other CRMs that come as a blank slate and require extensive setup, Whiteboard CRM has mortgage-specific Pipeline Sequences built-in: Lead, Prospect, Pre-Qual, Application, and Funded. There are also Pipeline Sequences and automated campaigns for Credit Repair, Followup, and Cancellations.

View your Pipeline
Your Pipeline is front and center. On the dashboard, a graph provides a visual representation of where your mortgages are in the Pipeline. Click one of the Pipelines to quickly view those mortgages, or click the "Pipeline" navigation link to see a full list.

Mortgage needs list
We've made sending Needs List updates and requests simple and automated. Using a pre-loaded check-list of the required items, simply change Oustanding to Received for each item and an email will be sent to your borrower including the missing items.

Automated Loan Status and Milestone updates
Here’s one of the most powerful (and rewarding!) parts of Whiteboard CRM: automated loan status notifications. At each step in the loan process, loan officers and customers receive either an email, a text, or both.  You simply check the box and a notification goes out for Appraisal Received,  Loan is Approved,  Loan Clear to Close, and Closing Docs are Out.

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM Features - Pipeline View

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM Features - Pipeline - Needs and Milestones

Partner Management

Proactively interact with your loan partners in a fast and professional way

As you increase communications with your Referral Partners, you will increase the quantity and quality of referrals.

Centralize your partner communication
Keep all partner information and communication in one secure, accessible, central location. You can easily send an email, text, email a note or a report updating your loan partners.

Automated meeting scheduler & reminders
Use automated meeting schedules to keep partnerships on track with a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Partner Call. Automatically scheduled with one click, simply choose when they should be reminded. Increased communication will ensure you don't miss a detail along the way.

Pipeline view and referral reports
View which referral partners are your best sources for leads and conversions. Track referrals across the entire pipeline, from start to finish.

Holiday and Birthday campaigns
Always stay in touch with holiday and birthday campaigns. Automated emails and text campaigns ensure no partner falls through the cracks.

Whiteboard Mortgage Features - Partner Management 1300x

Task Management

The best loan officers have excellent task management and the same goes for the best mortgage CRM!

Whiteboard CRM comes with a full set of tools that support office-wide productivity.

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM Features - Task Dashboard

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM - Features - Task Management

Say goodbye to a messy calendar
The Mortgage Playbook in Whiteboard CRM automatically creates and assigns tasks for you and your team within the CRM. No more keeping up with spreadsheets and a day planner and a calendar! You heard that right - The Mortgage Playbook creates tasks for you automatically, and only when they're needed.

Did you catch this? You don't have to create the majority of your tasks—the Playbook creates the next task for you.

Create new tasks on the fly
Sometimes you do need a new Task, Whiteboard makes it simple to manually create new tasks on the Dashboard or within the client or partner record. Choose your Task type from the most common, like Phone Calls, Email, Handwritten Note, Send Closing Gift, or create your own.

Claim a task or delegate like a pro
Assign tasks to yourself, another team member, or a team role. Role-based task assignment lets you delegate work that doesn't have to be done personally, freeing up time for you to focus on what's important.

Knock out tasks fast!
Streamline your workday by knocking out tasks in rapid succession from the Tasks page. This page gives you access to all of your tasks in a single location, letting you update contact information, make phone calls with provided scripts, ad-hoc text, and more. Just do the task, mark it complete, and move to the next. It's that simple.

Team-Based Texting

Communicate with your partners and borrowers in real time

With team-based texting, you can send and gather information in a smooth, intuitive format. We can even provide landline texting and the use of office numbers for texting and calls.


SMS campaigns
Send SMS reminders and updates to your borrowers and partners quickly and easily with automated SMS campaigns that keep everyone in the loop. SMS is also more reliable than email for important information delivery.

Two-way SMS conversations
SMS facilitates an immediate two-way conversation between you and the contact, which is especially important in today's "always online" world.

  • Follow up on a lead in minutes
  • Drive engagement with conversations
  • Conversation added to notes
  • Send automated loan status alerts
  • Templates for the entire pipeline



"My team can now text on my behalf. We've reduced our response time down to less than 5 minutes."


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Mobile App

Put relationship management right at your fingertips no matter your location

With the Whiteboard CRM mobile app for Android and iOS, you can stay on top of deals, get quick status updates, and continue providing excellent customer service even when you're out of the office.

Text notifications


Never miss a text. Whiteboard will notify you right on your phone when a borrower or partner sends your team a text message.


Text your contacts anytime, anywhere


Type out your message and hit the “Send” button. When your client replies, it’ll instantly appear here. Emojis included! 👍

Start your day at the Dashboard


See tasks and birthdays at a glance, search for clients or partners, add new contacts, or jump straight to your text messages.


Knock tasks out fast and on-the-go


Collaborate with your team to complete tasks. Quickly view which tasks have been started, overdue, and create new tasks.

Stay on top of conversations


Synced with Whiteboard, your texts appear back at the office in real-time so your team never misses a beat.


Update records from anywhere


 Did the appraisal just come in? Update the mortgage and automated campaign notifications will take over.

Lead Source Aggregators

Tap into the power of the mortgage industry’s best lead sources

If you get leads or client data from somewhere on the Internet, be it your own website or through a vendor or service, we can help get your new leads into Whiteboard.
Pre-mapped Vendors

We've worked with several popular lead vendors to offer pre-mapped imports. Just pick the source and all the important datapoints are automatically mapped for you.

All other Vendors
Simply get a list of available fields from your vendor, map the fields, provide the source URL and Whiteboard will receive the leads via a webhook like Zapier, HTTP Post, JSON Post, URL Post, XML Email, or XML Post.

We’ve helped Whiteboard users automate leads and data from a ton of sources, including the below:

  • Boomtown
  • Commissions Inc (CINC)
  • Free Rate Update
  • Homegather
  • Heavy Hammer Leads
  • Lead Point
  • LeadPops
  • Opcity
  • PerfectLO
  • Pipeline ROI

LOS Integrations

Your mortgage information is seamlessly entered into your CRM

"Why should I integrate my LOS and my CRM?" Well, you can easily drag and drop a Fannie Mae 3.2 file into Whiteboard, but if you'd like an automatic import and sync — the LOS Integration is for you.

Available Now

*Calyx Point Central

Contact your Whiteboard Sales Rep for more information.

Reports & Analytics

Pull detailed reports and use them to outsmart your competition

See your most/least successful efforts, customer groups, and lead sources. Data is power.

Some of our most popular reports

Lead Conversion
How efficient are you at converting leads into closed deals? Whiteboard can provide the answer. View the total number of converted leads in each pipeline segment, on a monthly basis.
Loans Funded
The funded report shows you the total dollar value and the number of funded loans per month, within a given year. This gives you an overall look at the success of your company.
Referral Sources
Which are your most successful referral sources? View the number of clients that were referred from each partner or client. Helps you focus your efforts on your most profitable lead sources.
Email and Texting Usage
You'll know exactly when a lead, borrower, or partner received an email or text message and when. Plus, at-a-glance stats on how many total emails and texts you've sent to help gauge your efforts.
  Partner and Client Referrals
View the number of referrals your partners and clients have, as well as the total dollar amount of those referrals, in each pipeline segment. This allows you to see the progression through your pipeline.
Pipeline View
Personalize the at-a-glance view of your entire pipeline. You can quickly filter by lead source, referral partner, pipeline sequence, loan amount, expected closing date, active or inactive.