Software Working Together: An Interview with Dave Sims from Floify

A visit to our homepage at tells you immediately we are the "CRM built exclusively to accelerate lead management, partner relationships, team production, and revenue growth."

You'll notice that description has nothing to do with handling your needs at the point of sale. That's why, at Whiteboard, we're serious about forming friendships and partnerships with other software companies in the industry like Floify.

We want to help you get to know Floify better — and more personally — by introducing you to Dave Sims, founder and CEO.

Floify is a “mortgage automation and point-of-sale system that streamlines the lending process by providing a secure communication and document management portal between Loan Originators, borrowers, real estate agents, and other mortgage stakeholders.”

Meet Dave Sims

Eight years ago, Dave and his wife moved to Boulder, Colo. They used short-term financing to get into their home there, but in 90 short days, they were ready to refinance.

As he went through the process of being a borrower, he felt terrible for the LOA who spent her day in Outlook email, struggling to keep up with her tasks. She would ask for the necessary documents from him and his wife, like their tax paperwork and W2s, only to have to bug them later because something was missing.

Dave’s realized he could create a better process and he started to work. In June of 2013, he and his team did their first code check on what is now known as Floify.

“A million things have changed since then,” Dave said. “It’s like a whole new world, but that’s how Floify got started. I never have [originated]. I didn’t then and to this day I haven’t. I went and got licensed because I wanted to know what the process was like for all the loan originators out there, and I keep it up every year — but I never have [originated], and I never will.”

A connection was created between Whiteboard and Floify close to a year ago, according to Kevin Ducey, the President of Whiteboard CRM.

“One of the things we’ve always liked about you (Dave) and your company (Floify) is we can recommend our customers there with a level of sincerity and altruism — because the people at Floify are really good people,” Kevin said. “I think getting your license is a demonstration of you taking the time to understand what your customers are doing, day in and day out, and it is something I truly respect."

What Floify brings to the table

Are you wondering what makes Floify special? Keep reading to learn more about the conversation between Dave and Kevin.

Personalized structure

Dave explained during the conversation that the high mortgage producers got to the top by using their own processes — or workflows. So, Floify doesn’t want to kill those workflows but help them bring structure to the workflows, so that's what the software does.

“There are a million different ways to tune the workflows so that the loan officer can do as she’s always done to hit those high loan volume numbers, just within a structured environment,” Dave said. “There’s lots of flexibility, and we help our loan officer teams dial in their Floify set up just so – and then they're ready to rock their own workflows which got them to the top in the first place.”

Floify focuses on the end-user

The team creating Floify worked with one loan officer and her team out of Austin, Texas,  as they first created the software. Because of the attention paid to this one team, the software was created in a bottom-up way — with the end-user in mind.

“With us, we’re a little bit different than our top competitors (who are also our friends, but we compete with them just like an athlete would). So, we serve brokers we love brokers they’re our best friends - and we have this great software suite to help them, but we also support large retail mortgage banks, as well as banks and credit unions.”

Since starting at the bottom and moving up, the team at Floify learned each step in the process. They learned about what was needed in operations and compliance; then they moved on to learn what the CEOs and the COOs needed to recruit more top producers.

Integrations with other software systems

Integrations between specialized software — like Whiteboard (CRM) and Floify (POS) — provide you with the best tools to get your job done. That’s why the bond was forged between the two companies.

Dave explains their team sees Floify as an integration hub, where a lot of different systems can tie in, so each day, the loan officer works within the integrated programs. Within that integration hub, there are some areas that are more popular than others, and the CRM is one of the most popular integrations Floify includes.

“Everything starts with sales, especially in loan origination. We’ve just tried to build lots of infrastructures to accommodate CRMs — especially Whiteboard CRM. You guys have been a great partner, so we want to make it more and more seamless,” Dave said. “You guys provide all that great communication to the borrower, and we facilitate what a POS does; the loan application document collection and milestones."

When everything works

The heaviness and stress of keeping up with your job's day-to-day tasks are removed with the help from specialized software like Whiteboard CRM and Floify. To learn more about Floify you can visit the website at 

At Whiteboard, we're here for you every day. If you're new to the looking for a CRM, start by watching our video. When you're ready, reach out and contact us! We're waiting to help you improve your bottom line and help you achieve your goals. 

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