Tech Tip: Learn to Use the Whiteboard CRM Pipelines

Did you know that each and every one of the pipeline sequences within Whiteboard CRM has a specific purpose and campaign specifically created to match their purpose? It's true.

Whiteboard CRM was born with the help of top producing LOs and mortgage brokers and each step in the pipeline process has been created to help our customers navigate their client and partner relationships with ease. That's why we created the videos you'll find below, so that anyone can easily learn more about the pipeline process. 

The first video below walks you through all the pipeline sequences relating to active mortgages. Check it out now! 

If you don't have time to watch the video now, there are a few highlights you probably should know. It's important to ensure that each one of your contacts is placed within the proper pipeline sequence. If they aren't they will get content and notifications from the system which don't match their needs and you will likely lose them as a customer. 

The following pipeline sequences are covered in the first video.

  • Lead - these are your non-referral based contacts – or cold leads – that you'll get from somewhere like LeadPops or Zillow. 
  • Prospect - like leads, but these contacts are referral based and you know where they fall within the mortgage process. 
  • Pre-Qual - as you receive an application, you manually move the contact into this sequence and the campaign will help you collect all the proper paperwork. 
  • Application - when your borrower submits all of the required paperwork and has a home in mind, this pipeline sequence is for them. 
  • Funded - once your borrower's loan is approved, you move them into this pipeline sequence, which can help you get more referrals and keep you in touch with the customer. 
Whiteboard CRM is ready to help you with every part of your communication though, so even when you have contacts that don't fit within a current mortgage opportunity there are pipeline sequences for them. They fall within the second video below. 

Contacts who fall within non-active mortgage pipeline sequences belong in one of the following categories. 

  • Credit Repair - help your customers who aren't quite mortgage-ready get that way and keep your name in front of them for when they are ready. 
  • Canceled - reaches out for a year to nurture the relationship without mentioning the previously attempted mortgage opportunity. 
  • Follow-Up - helps keep you from losing touch with a connection when you don't know where they fall within the overall mortgage process. 

Are you ready to learn more about Whiteboard CRM? It's easy to schedule a demo and you can do it right now by clicking this link

If you're already a Whiteboard CRM customer and you feel like you need a refresher course on how to best utilize the software, contact our customer success managers today and schedule some time. 

Our job is to help you have your best day, every day and we can't wait to do our jobs. 

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