Five Rules to Using Whiteboard CRM Successfully

The definition of a habit is simple – it’s a behavior which starts as a choice before becoming an unconscious action. At Whiteboard, we know that the customers who habitually use their CRM each day, have the most success. The initial choice can be tricky to stick to, but before long it’s routine and you can’t imagine your day without it.

We want you to be more successful tomorrow than you are today, and the same for every subsequent day. So, we’ve put together the Five Rules of Whiteboard which will help you create the habit of using your CRM.

Whiteboard Senior Sales Rep Marc Schoonover uses the video below to walk you through each of the five rules, and as you’ll see, they are definitely easy. Now let’s get started.    

All five rules of using a mortgage CRM like Whiteboard CRM listed in white on a blue background

Rule #1: Login to Whiteboard

The first rule in taking advantage of your CRM (and selling more mortgages) is simply logging into Whiteboard each day. Make it part of your routine, like while you’re making a pot of coffee log in and get started before you even take your first sip.

Remember those cheesy motivational posters which hung on the walls in classrooms and offices? Each one had a keyword with an inspirational blurb – like “teamwork” or “success.” One poster that couldn’t be attributed to someone’s marketing department actually started as a 6th Century Chinese proverb: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This simple phrase can be applied to a plethora of things – a career change, a 2-mile walk, or selling more mortgages. The most important thing is to take that first step, whatever it is. Simple but essential. Then, before you get distracted, take the second step and complete Rule #2.  

Rule #2: Complete at least one task

Whiteboard CRM screenshot of where to find the task list when logged into the mortgage CRM software

Once you’re logged into Whiteboard, you see a clearly defined list of tasks on the left side. These tasks are created from the relationships you’re managing whether with past clients (e.g. birthdays, holidays, newsletters) or directly related to your pipeline. It doesn’t matter which one you start with because they all need to be completed.

To start, click the Task from the Tasks list. Then click Start the Task, complete what needs to be done, and click Mark Task as Complete. Then enter your note in the box that pops up. The task gets recorded with date, time, who entered it, and what happened. Everyone on your team can see what’s going on.

Rule #3: Update all info for that task

Before you move on from that first task, update all your fields. This includes things such as checking a box, adding a note, date, phone, or email. The updates you make here trigger automated actions by Whiteboard but not until you perform the next step.

Screenshot taken from within the Whiteboard CRM software showing how to update the fields with a certain property in the mortgage CRM

Rule #4: Hit the (big blue) save button

Hopefully this rule is so simple it’s an unconscious habit to complete. After you’ve updated all of your fields, click the Save button. Then, take your time and breathe a little sigh of accomplishment for completing your first task.

Another reason to celebrate is knowing that as you complete each task, behind the scenes, your mortgage CRM is performing automated campaigns, which keep your customers informed about what’s happening in the loan process.  

Screenshot taken within Whiteboard CRM showing where to find the save button within the mortgage CRM software

Rule #5: Repeat until all tasks are complete

Congrats on completing your first task, now, you simply move on to the next one, performing the same steps until it's done. Continue to finish each task in the list throughout the day until they are all completed.  

Here’s the point: when you’re completing the task list everyday Whiteboard handles the rest of the actions – which means it finishes about 65% of the things you could be doing like collecting the app, the documents, keeping everyone updated throughout the process, and never losing contact after you close. Your mortgage CRM is your business' force multiplier.

Can Whiteboard help you?

Not every CRM is created equal, and for mortgage professionals Whiteboard CRM has more than 100 templates created by mortgage professionals to make life more simple for other mortgage loan professional. 

If you're in the market for a new mortgage CRM, or if you're already using Whiteboard CRM and simply need some additional help making the software work for your business we're here for you. Contact us today and we'll help live your best day, every day.

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