Using Whiteboard CRM on the Go

Can you imagine how it would feel to genuinely know you have more time available than your to-do list requires? Imagine knowing you haven’t left things off the list (because there’s no time to get to them), but that NOTHING needs your attention. We can’t. Who can?  

We can imagine working from wherever you may find yourself on whichever device you prefer through the Whiteboard CRM mobile appIn fact, we’re here to help you learn more about how to use the app to help expedite the loan process.  


Get started with the Whiteboard CRM app 

We often hear that one of the biggest challenges LOs and brokers face is how long it takes to move the loan from the application process to underwriting. When you use the mobile app to trigger the needs list (and initiate the messages headed for your borrower), it starts the process faster than if you were to wait until you get back to your desk. 

Trigger the Needs List 

You can watch the video above to see a step-by-step process for how to use the Whiteboard app, or simply follow along with the list below. 

  • Launch Whiteboard app - if you don’t have the Whiteboard CRM app already, you can find it in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store.  
  • Search for correct client - Search for the name you are looking for and then open the record to edit.
  • Edit mortgage section - open the client's record and go to the mortgage and select it for editing.
  • Scroll down to document Needs List - and find that it is pre-loaded with 14 standard documents most folks need to prepare a loan. There are the "must have" five documents that are needed in every loan, and then a list of nine more "could need" documents like retirement paperwork or a divorce decree. Make sure each document you need for this borrower is set to "outstanding."
  • Set form field to "send" on the Needs List - this will trigger the Needs List to go live. 
  • Hit save  - for the action to take place, as with any action in Whiteboard, you must hit the blue save button for the CRM to get to work.
  • Text client – Let your client know there is an email on its way with a list of all the documents needed to complete the next step. We use the texting feature as an alert since many people do not spend time checking their email like they used to. To do this, click back or search for the client again, tap the "text" bubble next to the cellphone field, type your message and hit send!
The email is created and sent as a result of all the above steps and inside the email that is the full list of every document you need for the loan.

As each document is turned in, you will mark it off in the needs list, either through your regular office or with the help of the mobile app. Each email in the sequence will be updated with the remaining documents in the Needs List, so each email will show the latest data stored within your CRM. 

Make Whiteboard CRM work for you 

It’s our mission to help customers (and potential customers) discover and identify common workflow inhibitors where Whiteboard CRM can provide solutions to make every day your best day. We know we can help you get organized, stay in front of potential customers, and communicate more effectively than ever before.  

While we’re not a perfect fit for everyone, when Whiteboard is a fit, we know your workday will improve. If you’re interested in learning more about our mortgage CRM watch this video to learn more or contact us today 

If you’re already a Whiteboard CRM customer and you’re looking for new ideas for how to revamp your office, contact our Customer Success Team for help today.  

We’re big dreamers here at Whiteboard and we dream of helping you be able to imagine your life with excess time on your hands.

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