Whiteboard Interview with Kellen Vaughan: Certified Mortgage Advisor

In the mortgage industry CMA doesn’t stand for the Country Music Awards. It also doesn’t stand for certified medical assistant or a certified management accountant.

In fact, in our industry CMA means something totally new. The crew at Next Level Loan Officers partnered with MBS HIghway to create a course called Certified Mortgage Advisor, also known simply as CMA. Did you ask yourself why these already busy professionals would do that? We did too.

Whiteboard President Kevin Ducey sat down for a chat with Next Level and CMA Co-Founder Kellen Vaughan to learn more about the reason for the course and how Kellen found himself in the mortgage industry.

Why certify with CMA?

During his time as a leader in the mortgage industry, Kellen has been exposed often to people asking where they could learn about the industry and how to better educate themselves in the financial areas like Barry Habib with MBS Highway.

“Everybody in the industry knows the godfather of mortgages, Mr. Barry Habib and his really amazing intellect when it comes to financial markets,” Kellen said. “Especially mortgage markets, mortgage interest rates, economics – I mean, it’s just phenomenal. If you’re an MBS Highway subscriber and you watch his morning updates or listen to his podcasts, it’s just amazing.”

Additionally, they heard from loan officers and brokers who are trying to become better advisors and advocates for their clients, and they want to learn. So, the idea for creating the course took shape with Barry and his advisors in the role of teachers and the Next Level team uses their skills as coaches to help the CMA folks know what to do with the information and knowledge, once they have it.

“A lot of people say this course is better than my college course, and it’s TRUE,” Kellen says. “It’s not a layup, it’s challenging. It is really difficult. It’s not something you can just have running in the background. You’ve got to pay attention. There’s an exam. If you pass it and you become a CMA, you’ve done something really incredible.”

From producer to Next Level, and then CMA.

Kellen has been involved with the mortgage business for more than 10 years. He was working on the real estate side of the business but after the housing crash, he saw people making money and says he sort of wound up as a broker by accident.

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know,” Kellen said. “I always tell people I did it the way you should never do it. I went and got my license and opened a broker shop and I had never done a loan before, but I just sort of dove in with both feet.”

How do you learn about the mortgage industry when you’re in it?

As Kellen grew within the industry, he began to realize there are many practices taught in the industry and considered correct, but really aren’t. Kellen believes that he and his colleagues are working to combat that misinformation.

For instance, many LOs are working way more hours in a week than they would like to be and that there is no way to be successful without working those hours. They want to see their families and kids more and with the help that the Next Level coaches can share through this program, it helps LOs balance their life better.

Mortgage courses, coaches, and CRMs

Whether you’re looking for a live event with the folks from Next Level, a course like CMA to help you talk the industry talk, or you’re looking for tools that will help you organize your business and create more time – this video is packed with info you can use.

If you’re looking for a new CRM or simply need some help from our customer success team to update your Whiteboard campaigns – don't hesitate to reach out to us at Whiteboard. We’re here to help you find the pathway to your best day ever and then help you relive it each day.

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